December 1, 2018 Officers Meeting (minutes)
Officers Meeting Location: Joint Base

The meeting was called to order by Ben Galioto at 10:03 a.m. Three officers and the Joint Base Skeet Chairman were present: Ben Galioto, Nick Pino, Ed Amaty and James Garrett.

Treasurer's Report: Nick Pino, Treasurer, notified the officers and club members that our current balance is $5,132.39. It is important to note that for three consecutive years, the NJSSA balance has increased at year end. The Treasurer's report was accepted.

Open Discussion: Topic 1: Secretary Position – Nominate and Vote Leo Nebbia was nominated by Nick Pino to run for the position of Secretary. Ben Galioto called a vote. Vote results: Ben Galioto – Yes, Nick Pino – Yes, James Garrett – Yes, Ed Amaty – Yes.

Topic 2: Jerry Schoenbart Hall of Fame Nomination Discussion Ed Amaty informed the officers that Jerry Schoenbart was inducted into the New Jersey State Hall of Fame in 2005, and requested that a plaque should be purchased on his behalf. Ben Galioto questioned Jerry Schoenbart’s nomination, and after extensive investigatory work, it was concluded that Jerry Schoenbart was never formally nominated into the Hall of Fame. This matter has been brought to a close, and NJSSA will not be purchasing a plaque.

Topic 3: State Shoot Date - Vote The 2019 New Jersey State Shoot will be held at the Pine Belt Sportsman’s Club from July 26th through July 28th. Vote results: Ben Galioto – Yes, Nick Pino – Yes, Leo Nebbia – Yes, James Garrett – Yes, Ed Amaty – No.

Topic 4: 2019 Fee for Kevin Dawkins A total of $400 will be paid to Kevin Dawkins to serve as Skeet Administrator for the 2019 State Shoot.

Topic 5: 2019 State Shoot Prizes Kevin Dawkins agreed to research State Shoot championship prizes.

The meeting was adjourned at 11:59 a.m.