Galioto wins 28 Ga at C.J. By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson, N.J. It was a cloudy and breezy day at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club. It was neck to neck between Ben Galioto and John Zema, at the end Ben edged out John by only rolex gmt074-344

one bird. Nice shooting Ben!!!!! Ben shot a 95 and John Zema won AA with a 94 and other winners in their class are, in A class A-1 was Russell Paul with a 93 and A-2 was Eddie Amaty with a 91 and A-3 was Paul Billings with a 89, in B class the winners were B-1 was Jim Hilton with a 91 and B-2 was Jay Taylor with a 88 and B-3 was John Nichols with a 88, in C class the winners were C-1 was Marvin Bradford C-2 was Bill Shanok with a 86 cartier replica watches online and C-3 was Bill Damora with a 73 and the lone D class shooter was Carol Abernathy with a 79 and of course our lady champ!! I would like to thank my son Zachary for being my ref and took care of the skeet machine and rolex replica thanks Carol for helping me clean up after the shoot. Next month is Double and .410.C4090-450

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