Big Dog Wins 28, Billings Wins 410 By Eddie Amaty Jr.

Jackson, NJ. At Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol Club. It was a sunny but breezy day on Saturday, and it showed in the 410, but first event was 28 GA.300-207 examcos

“Big Dog” Ben Galioto won the 28 Ga with a 98, nice shooting Ben!!! Ben has a hot streak at C.J. Other winners in AA class AA-1 was Paul Billings with a 95 and AA-2 was Joe Hall with a 94.070-580 1Z1-515

A class winners are Jay Taylor with a 96 and A-2 is Russ Paul with a 84, in B class winners are Tony Maggi with a 93 and B-2 was Eddie Amaty with a 91, in C class winners are C-1 was Lew Petryk with a 89,C-2 was Bill Damora and C-3 is Marvin Bradford with a 86,it’s good to see Marvin shooting this month! And Nick Pino won D class with a 82.Welcome to C.J. Nick hope to see you again!!C2050-240 C2150-006

Now for the 410 scores, I said it was breezy and the scores showed it. Paul Billings won 410 event with a 91. Nice shooting Paul!!! Other winners in A class are Russ Paul with a 90, A-2 was“ Big Dog” Ben Galioto with a 83 and A-3 was Jay Taylor with a 80,in B class winners are Lew Petryk with a 90 B-2 was Joe Hall with a 88 and B-3 was Tony Maggi with a 83, C class the winners are Skeete Smitha with a 81 and C -2 was Marvin Bradford with a 78 and in D class was once again Nick Pino with a 75. 000-032 CCA-470 The shooting year is almost over! We have a new president Joe Hall and I think good things will happen with Joe!! 070-417 I would like to thank Tony Horling for his ref skills and my son Zachary Amaty for helping me by reffing and helping load the skeet machines!itcertland


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