MURRAY WINS 410 AMATY WINS DOUBLES By Eddie Amaty Jr. Jackson,N.J. It was a beautiful day slight breeze on this Saturday morning, and Mike Murray had a beautiful day at .410 bore, hitting an 88. Nice shooting mike.000-032 CCA-470

Other winners we have are for B class are B-1 was John Nichols with an 85, and right behind John was Dick Lukasik with an 85 and B-3 was Jim Hilton with an 84. In C class C-1 winner was Bill Damora with a 84, Bill had been shooting well as of late keep up the good work Bill, C-2 was Tom Surman with a 83 and C-3 was Ray Stas with a 80,in D class the winners was Bill Shanok with a 81 and D-2 was Steve Weintraub with a 76. In the afternoon was the Doubles and Eddie Amaty winning it with an 93. Other winners we had was A class Jim Hilton was the lone winner with an 88, in B class we have a shoot-off with 2 92’s between John Nichols and Bill Damora and John Nichols came out on top for B-1 and Bill Damora was B-2, C class winner are Mike Murray with an 84,C-2 was Tom Surman with an 81 and D class was D-1 was Steve Weintraub with a 83.C4090-958 1Y0-A16

I would like to thank everyone for all their support and help running the shoots at Central Jersey Rifle and Pistol club. See everyone next month at the club championship.070-684 070-331

GOD BLESS AMERICA !!!!!!!!!!!!