By Eddie Amaty Jr.


In Jackson, N.J. it was a sunny but it way very windy. It looked like we were 070-684 070-331

Shooting sporting skeet!!!!

But Buttons Matthews defined the wind and shoot a 98 in 28 Ga. Nice shooting

Buttons!!!! Our other winners are in a class A-1 Hank Bauer with a 91, A-2 Paul

Billings with a 90 and A-3 was John Urciuoli with an 88. In B class the winners

Are B-1 was Lew Petryk with a91, B-2 was Jim Bogle with an 89 and B-3 was

Ed Whitman with a 78.C class winners are C-1 was Andrew Harmon, C-2 winner

Was Marvin Bradford with an 84 and in D class the winner was Steve Weintraub.

In the 20 Gauge event the Champ is John Nichols with a 93.Great shooting

John with that crazy wind!!!! Our other winners are in AA class was Buttons

Matthews with a 90.In A class the winner again in A class was Hank Bauer with

An 90, A-2 was Paul Billings with a 85 and A-3 was Ed Whitman with a 80.In

B class the winners are B-1 was Tony Maggi with an 92, B-2 was Lew Petryk with a 86 and B-3 was Jim Bogle with an 84,in C class the winners are C-1 was Tony Horling

With a 93 and C-2 was John Urciuoli with an 86 and C-3 was Marvin Bradford

With a 79 and in D class the winner again is Steve Weintraub.

There was a shoot-off for 20 Gauge Champ between Tony Horling and

John Nichols and john can out on top.

I would like to welcome Buttons Matthews to Central Jersey for the first. I hope Buttons had a good time and Steve Weintraub shot at Central Jersey for the first time!!

Thank you everyone for a great shooting season at Central Jersey Rifle and

Pistol I’ll see you next month!! EX300 exam

God bless America!!!!!!!!

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